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Aug 23


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August 23, 2016

by Pastor Sam Kahn - Grapevine Ecclesia Lead Pastor
Grapevine Ecclesia

Have you read the books?  Did you watch the first three movies starring Kirk Cameron?

I have.  In fact I was on book 3 of the series "Nicolae" when I made a statement along the lines of "If all this happens I will be on my knees praying to God."  Which in some ways was very strange, because I wasn't a believer in Christ and didn't want anything to do with the religiousity of church.  I was a waivering atheist/agnostic.  But here I was reading the series as a piece of fiction and enjoying the storyline when I was hit with a bit of seriousness.  Not enough to pray for forgiveness and accept what Jesus did on the cross for me, but serious enough to state "I will be on my knees if."

God does have a plan for us and a sense of humor.  I was saved just a few weeks later (my testimony).

Having shared this and have seen the first three movies I am a bit hesitant with the upcoming release starring Nicolas Cage.  Nicolas, in my opinion, has had his up and down moments.  Some of his movies I have enjoyed, some others not so much.

I have heard rumors that the remake of the first movie in the series was coming.  It looks like the rumors are true:  Left Behind will be hitting theaters in October 2014.

Here is a Trailer - let me know what you think:


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