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Aug 23

What is Rock the Church Part 1

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August 23, 2016

Hello All,

Pastor Sam here.  I am asking people involved in Rock the Church to tell me what they feel is the purpose of and how they feel about Rock the Church.

Part 1 is from Ron Burns.

Rock the Church

The concept behind and the direction of Rock the Church is not to be seen as a statement, but seen as a movement. The movement of souls, broken or unaware of God’s grace, to find a relationship with God, in their present state.

The premise is that local musicians lend their talents and past experiences to reach out and touch those that are lost, through music. Doesn’t matter if you a professional musician or if you have never played an instrument in your life, music is a vehicle to move one towards a great life through Christ.

Through the partnership of local churches, ministries, outreach programs and spirited individuals, there is an opportunity to help communities find a place for broken individuals to find a new home in church.

Through a co-operative environment, concerts, plays, creating videos and special programs are all activities that can be brought to source for the movement of souls. Having nights where youth will gather to express themselves through music. Genera doesn’t matter, it’s the spirit in the music that will direct the participants. Maybe you’re a song writer and are in need of sounding boards, imagine an evening of local musicians gathering together to lend helping hands to motivate and inspire. Perhaps a professional level musician just wants a place to express something new, providing a space where the music can come alive.

Rock the Church is putting in motion, through music, a direction for a relationship with God.

Thanks and God Bless Brother!

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