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Aug 23

Rock the Church Band and Time Information

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August 23, 2016

Hello Everyone,

Here is the schedule of performers and bands and how long they are on for:


11:00am       10min    Opening Prayer

11:15am       10min     Pastor Mike Cara

11:25am       15min    Psalmist Ava

11:40am       10min     Healing Hearts Tent Revival Ministry

11:50am       30min    Gateway Centre Worship

12:20pm       10min     Monologue with Doug and Nathaniel

12:30pm        30min    Holy Ghost Singers

1:00pm         20min   Sermonette Pastor Walter and Music

1:20pm        10min    Harps of Glory

1:30pm        30min    Nathaniel Chapman

2:00pm        15min    Children's Time with Jennifer

2:20pm        20min    Angie West and friends

2:40pm        30min    Morning Star Warriors

3:10pm         30min    Tears of Praise

3:40pm        35min    Ciara Grace Carter

4:15pm         15min    Jay Thomas

4:35pm        40min    Bethany Road Worship

5:25pm         20min   Brady and Nate

5:45pm         35min   Sound Church Worship Band

6:20pm          35min   Kimberly Sopher-Dunn & PURE

STAGE 2 - we will be fitting in acts and performances on stage 2 as people sign up at the command center.  Already scheduled:

2:00pm      Cody Leatherbury – Rap/Hip-Hop

4:25pm      Jesse and Kathy Jo

5:15pm      Angie Leatherbury – Acoustic Rock/Worship

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